SSRG International Journal of Applied Physics (SSRG-IJAP)

SSRG-IJAP - Volume 2 Issue3 - September to December 2015  

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1.   The Energy Levels of an Polaron in Parabolic potential well
- P.J. Baymatov, SH.T.Inoyatov, B.T. Abdulazizov
2.   Thermal broadening of the density of states of the quasi-twodimensional electron gas with non-parabolicity of energy spectrum
- G.Gulyamov, P.J. Baymatov, B.T.Abdulazizov, A.S.Mahmudov
3.   The Brachistochrone Problem: Relative Study of Straight Line Path with Minimum Time Path
- M.P.Patil