SSRG International Journal of Applied Physics (SSRG - IJAP)

SSRG - IJAP - Volume 4 Issue3 - September to December 2017  

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1.   Growth, structural, functional, optical and thermal properties of nonlinear optical Strontium Diformate (SDF) crystals
- S.Jeeva, K. Arulabaranam, P. Krishnan, G.Marudhu, G.Mani
2.   Theoretical Resolution of EPR Paradox
- Tapan Kumar Ghosh
3.   Neutrino Interaction Cross-sections from MeV to GeV scales of Energy
- Qudsia Gani, Waseem Bari
4.   Theory of Unidirectional and Multidirectional Forces and Violation of Third Law of Motion
- Debjyoti Biswadev Sengupta