SSRG International Journal of Chemical Engineering Research (SSRG-IJCER)

SSRG-IJCER - Volume 4 Issue3 - September to December 2017  

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1.   Production of Energy Drink from Coconut water
- R. S. S. Pathiranage, M. A. M. Jinasena, T. R. Jayawickrama
2.   Improving problem-solving Skills of Seven A-18 Section Female Trainees of KCTE in Electrostatics Content of BNSC102 In 2016
- Alemu Motuma Defersha
3.   The Role of Paradox Force Field in Sedimentary Rocks
- Alemu Motuma, Tsehayneh Mebrat
4.   Potential of Biomass for Electricity Generation using Environment-Friendly MFC
- Anand Parkash
  Remaining articles are in progress....