SSRG International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (SSRG-IJHSS)

Special Issues  

IJHSS Special Issues
International Conference on Engineering Humanities & Science (ICEHS-2017)
Tamilnadu College of Engineering, Coimbatore.
ICEHS Part-1        
International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering, Science, Technology and Management
(ICRTESTM-2017), Swami Vivekananda Institute of Technology, Secunderabad
ICRTESTM Part-1        
International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Management, Science and Technologies
(ICEEMST-2017), RISE Krishna Sai Prakasam Group of Institutions, Andhra Pradesh
ICEEMST Part-1        
International Conference on Engineering Trends and Science & Humanities (ICETSH-2015),
Imayam College of Engineering, Thuraiyur.
ICETSH-Part-1 ICETSH-Part-2      
National Conference on Emerging Fields in Engineering and Science (NCEFES-2015),
Swami Devi Dyal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Haryana.
Research Advances in Communication, Computation, Electrical Science and Structures (RACCESS-2015), Bharathiyar Institute of Engineering for Women, Attur.