Infrastructure Development and Rice in Production and Related Industries in India

SSRG International Journal of Industrial Engineering (SSRG-IJIE)
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Volume-4 Issue-2
Year of Publication : 2017
Authors : B.Meganathan, D.Akhileshkumar
      B.Meganathan, D.Akhileshkumar "Infrastructure Development and Rice in Production and Related Industries in India", SSRG International Journal of Industrial Engineering (SSRG - IJIE), V4(2),21-25 May to August 2017. ISSN: 2349 - 9362. Published by : Seventh Sense Research Group.
      India is a growing economy. It is expected to be the third biggest economy by 2050. Because of the GDP enlargement and more importance on transportation growth, from roadways to airways, ports to airports and power construction amenities, Indian infrastructure fragment is essential for the improvement of the country and hence enjoys strong concentration from top-grade rule makers of the country. Infrastructure growth is a stepping stone of a constant and industrious society; it presents inimitable challenges but also brings opportunities for private and public sectors in the field of construction. Development will lead to enormous manufacture and there will be a positive enlargement in industries related to construction. Reports also suggest that the upward trend has been witnessed by these sectors.
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Key Words:
      Economy, Infrastructure, Industry, Transportation.