An Analysis of Mock-Up Furniture Making Method for Yachts

International Journal of Industrial Engineering
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Volume 6 Issue 1
Year of Publication : 2019
Authors : Özge İlhan
: 10.14445/23499362/IJIE-V6I1P102
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Özge İlhan, "An Analysis of Mock-Up Furniture Making Method for Yachts" SSRG International Journal of Industrial Engineering 6.1 (2019): 8-13.

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Özge İlhan,(2019). An Analysis of Mock-Up Furniture Making Method for Yachts. SSRG International Journal of Industrial Engineering 6(1), 8-13.


In the developing yacht sector, the importance of design, efficiency and conceptual compatibility has increased in time. The most important stage of yacht production in this sector is furniture making. Yacht furniture making has three different methods: on-site, mock-up and computer-controlled. The aim of this study is to elaborate on mock-up method, with describing its process in sequence so as to emphasize its advantages and disadvantages in detail. Interview with the director of a boatyard: Adayachtworks and observation made in the company are the two main methods of data collection. Interview is a compilation of five open-ended questions. Naturally, a big amount of data is recorded and reported at the end. So, only the answers reasonable were taken into the article. Observation on the other hand was reported in the internship file. Critical points of furniture design and production stages in the file are referred in the text. As a result, it can be stated that the mock-up method is more advantageous than other methods in many aspects: saves time, makes conceptual design and precise craftsmanship work together, easier and provides a visual perception of what is realized during the ongoing production, safer and finally facilitates the budget management.


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Key Words:

yacht furniture making, mock-up method, furniture production