Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Metal Matrix Reinforced with Silicon

International Journal of Mechanical Engineering
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Volume 5 Issue 1
Year of Publication : 2018
Authors : V.Naga Malleswari, Padmini. R
: 10.14445/23488360/IJME-V5I1P103
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V.Naga Malleswari, Padmini. R, "Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Metal Matrix Reinforced with Silicon" SSRG International Journal of Mechanical Engineering 5.1 (2018): 14-18.

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V.Naga Malleswari, Padmini. R,(2018). Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Metal Matrix Reinforced with Silicon. SSRG International Journal of Mechanical Engineering 5(1), 14-18.


The present work focuses on the influence of silicon embedment on mechanical properties of Aluminium 356 grade matrix composite. The composite is formulated by embedding 3%, 6% and 9% of silicon on weight percentage basis in Al matrix. Borax is used as an additive and the composite is prepared by using stir casting technique. The aluminium matrix composite with silicon is prepared using stir casting technique and borax is used as an additive. After preparing the composites their mechanical properties are tested. Tensile strength, impact energy, microstructure and hardness are assessed and evaluated. During the testing and evaluation of mechanical properties it is observed that tensile strength and hardness increased with increase in percentage of silicon. It is observed that impact energy at first decreased marginally and increased later with increase in % of Si. Microstructures of the samples revealed that the reinforcing particles (Si 5% and Si 10%) are visible and fairly well distributed in the Aluminum metal matrix.


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Key Words:

Stir casting, Metal matrix composite, Mechanical properties