Hypervitaminosis D in Kashmiri Population: A Case Series of 11 Patients

SSRG International Journal of Medical Science (SSRG-IJMS)
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Volume-3 Issue-2
Year of Publication : 2016
Authors : Sulaiman Sath, S.Asif Rafiq Shah, Syed Nadeem Rafiq, Irtifa Jeelani
      Sulaiman Sath, S.Asif Rafiq Shah, Syed Nadeem Rafiq, Irtifa Jeelani "Hypervitaminosis D in Kashmiri Population: A Case Series of 11 Patients", SSRG International Journal of Medical Science (SSRG - IJMS), V3(2),1-6 February 2016. ISSN:2393 - 9117. www.internationaljournalssrg.org/IJMS/index.html. Published by : Seventh Sense Research Group.
      Vitamin D,although safe in usual doses can be toxic in higher doses and can affect different body organs due to hypercalcemia.As vitamin D deficiency is quiet common in Kashmir,so people either by self medication or as prescribed by clinicians take vitamin D empirically leading to hypervitaminosis D.We undertook a similar study of 11 cases of hypervitaminosis D who developed symptoms of hypercalcemia due to excess intake vitamin D supplements for back pains, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc. From this study we finally concluded that before prescribing vitamin D supplements, we should properly look into the background history of the patient along with biochemical parameters to know the status of vitamin D so that toxicity is prevented.
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Key Words:
      Vitamin D,Hyervitaminosis D,25-hydroxy vitamin D,Hypercalcemia, Postmenopausal females, Biochemical parameters.