Design and Construction of a Tri-Sensor Temperature Control System

International Journal of VLSI & Signal Processing
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Volume 2 Issue 2
Year of Publication : 2015
Authors : Ogherohwo E.P. Barnabas .B . and Anyanwu V. O
: 10.14445/23942584/IJVSP-V2I2P106
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Ogherohwo E.P. Barnabas .B . and Anyanwu V. O, "Design and Construction of a Tri-Sensor Temperature Control System" SSRG International Journal of VLSI & Signal Processing 2.2 (2015): 34-41.

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Ogherohwo E.P. Barnabas .B . and Anyanwu V. O,(2015). Design and Construction of a Tri-Sensor Temperature Control System. SSRG International Journal of VLSI & Signal Processing 2(2), 34-41.


Temperature is often the most measured environmental quantity which corresponds to primary sensations. It is the degree of hotness or coldness ofbody. A sensor is a device that measures a physical quantity and converts it into an electrical signal. Some sensors measure physical properties directly, while other sensors use conversions or calculations to determine the value. Sensors are usually categorized by the type of property that they measure. The surface temperature of an object can be acquired directly using a thermistor, thermocouple, etc. The purpose of the research was to monitor the temperature of indoor equipment, especially a power substation, a communication data center, with embedded danger, and to aid us in recognizing the phenomenon of temperature rise-rate or the critical temperature point. However, in the case of too much exposure of some electronic components to high extreme temperature, there will be an adverse effect on them which could lead to the damage of the components. Though, some of the components could be affected and damaged by low temperature values. Most temperature monitoring devices are designed to respond to a particular (critical) temperature level. They are usually incorporated with different kinds of alarms and lights indicator units, which are triggered ON at an unacceptable temperature level. These temperature monitoring devices work with temperature sensors normally transducers which generate accurate voltage output that vary linearly with temperature. They are mainly used for monitoring industrial machines, electric boilers, ovens and other heat energy related activities. The temperature monitoring was done by ensuring that the temperature sensor and its leads are at the same temperature as the object to be measured. Several temperature sensing techniques are in widespread usage. The most common of these are: Thermocouples, Thermistors, Sensor IC's and Resistive Temperature detectors (RTDs). Temperature measurement and detection devices play an important roles in the field of mechanical, electrical and telecommunication systems that could be used to speed up work. The test result recorded at its output terminal shows that an increase in temperature increases the voltage at its output and vice–versa. The temperature sensor (LM 35) was used to monitor variations in temperature level of the two devices to which it was connected. This research describes the concept of IC voltage regulators, Amplifiers, comparators and there applications. The tri- sensor temperature system is an important device used in providing audible means of alertness to humans in case of outbreak.Thermal phenomenon cannot be described by the three fundamental quantities i.e. length, mass, and time. A fourth fundamental quantity is used to explain thermal phenomenon and the quantity is referred to as temperature.


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: Tri-sensor, temperature control, system