"EMD of silver(Ag) and it’ s CopmoundAgCl"

International Journal of Applied Physics
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Volume 6 Issue 2
Year of Publication : 2019
Authors : Fareed M.Mohammed , Ahmed W.Maseer ,Mustafa M.Essa
: 10.14445/23500301/IJAP-V6I2P101

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Fareed M.Mohammed , Ahmed W.Maseer ,Mustafa M.Essa, ""EMD of silver(Ag) and it’ s CopmoundAgCl"" SSRG International Journal of Applied Physics 6.2 (2019): 1-4.

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Fareed M.Mohammed , Ahmed W.Maseer ,Mustafa M.Essa,(2019). "EMD of silver(Ag) and it’ s CopmoundAgCl". SSRG International Journal of Applied Physics 6(2), 1-4.


In this paper we study, the electronic momentum density(EMD) of Ag and AgCl compound is using the Comptinprofil technique. We employed different theoretical methods based on {(RFA) ,the Free Electron (FE),free atom(FA)} models to calculate the computational curve shape J(pz) Of the metal(Ag). The theoretical results were compared with the experimental values [18],where it is found that the best electronic arrangement of the silver in the (RFA) and (FA) models are 4d6 5s1. As for the AgCl the super position model used depending on best result found for the metal and compare with experiment volue of [19]


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Key Words:

RFA model ,FE model, FA model, superposition model, Compton Profile(cp), EMD