Optimized Steel Quenching Processes and Their New Modifications

International Journal of Applied Physics
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Volume 6 Issue 2
Year of Publication : 2019
Authors : Nikolai Kobasko
: 10.14445/23500301/IJAP-V6I2P112

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Nikolai Kobasko, "Optimized Steel Quenching Processes and Their New Modifications" SSRG International Journal of Applied Physics 6.2 (2019): 79-86.

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Nikolai Kobasko,(2019). Optimized Steel Quenching Processes and Their New Modifications. SSRG International Journal of Applied Physics 6(2), 79-86.


The paper discusses quenching steel parts in water flow when transient nucleate boiling process is completely absent. This process was called intensive
quenching (IQ-3) technology or direct convection which was patented in Ukraine and US. According to patented technology, IQ process should satisfy the direct convection criterion and should be interrupted at proper time to create optimal hardened layer resulting in maximal surface compressive residual stresses. Equipment for performing this technology is complicated and expensive. Author proposes a new modified IQ-3M technology that provides optimized hardened layer during conventional accelerated quenching via optimizing chemical composition of steel. In contrast to existing IQ-3 process, optimized hardened layer can be achieved in any size of steel part and technology is less costly which should be widely used in heat treating
industry. It is shown that cooling process should be interrupted at a time where nano – bainitic microstructure at the core of quenched steel parts is
formed and high surface compressive residual stresses after quenching are appeared. For this purpose, an optimal hardenabily steel is used which is patented in Ukraine. The new IQ-3M technology saves alloy elements, increases service life of steel components and reduces cost of new technology. For governing quenching process, the software was developed by Intensive Technologies Ltd (ITL), Kyiv, Ukraine. The main attention is paid to physics of the quenching process that significantly simplifies recipes development. The new idea, discussed in this paper, will be useful for engineers and scientists who are working on materials savings and environment improvement.


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Key Words:

Nucleate boiling absence, direct convection, IQ-3M technology, service life, material savings, environment improvement, cost reduce.