Vibration – The 5th Dimension To Redefine Spacetime Measurements

International Journal of Applied Physics
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Volume 6 Issue 3
Year of Publication : 2019
Authors : Swami Nityayogananda

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Swami Nityayogananda, "Vibration – The 5th Dimension To Redefine Spacetime Measurements" SSRG International Journal of Applied Physics 6.3 (2019): 26-31.  Crossref,

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Swami Nityayogananda,(2019). Vibration – The 5th Dimension To Redefine Spacetime Measurements. SSRG International Journal of Applied Physics 6(3), 26-31.


Although our collective scientific understanding has made significant progress over the past several decades, there remain several unsolved and important mysteries of a fundamental nature. Theories have explained the physical properties of a particle or a state of a system in terms of position and time by using the 4-vector space-time measurement. However, determining a system's state along with all the functioning details can be more completely understood by expansion of this 4-vector measurement system as set forth by Einstein. This paper proposes and explains the rationale to consider vibration as the fifth dimension (as an expansion of this 4-vector system), to form a 5-vector continuum with space-time-vibration triad. This theory constitutes a holistic modified paradigm, which the author defines as the “Space-Time-Vibration” (STV) continuum. The author proposes this 5-vector continuum as a natural extension potentially explaining a few gaps in our understanding.


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Key Words:

Vibration, Space-time measurements, Dark Energy