List of Topics

SSRG International Journal of VLSI & Signal Processing (SSRG-IJVSP)is a journal that publishes articles which contribute new novel experimentation and theoretical work in in all areas of VLSI & Signal Processing and its applications. The journal welcomes publications of high quality papers on theoretical developments and practical VLSI & Signal Processing.

Papers are solicited from, but not limited to the following topics:
  • PCB Design
  • VLSI Circuits
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Low Power and Power Aware Design
  • Testing, Reliability, Fault-Tolerance
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Post-CMOS VLSI
  • VLSI Applications (communications, video, security, sensor networks, etc.)
  • Nano electronics, Molecular, Biological and Quantum Computing.
  • Intellectual property creating and sharing.
  • Wireless communications.
  • Custom, semi-custom, ASIC, programmable circuit design.
  • Performance-driven, reliability-driven, thermally-driven, radiation hardening design.
  • Processor, co-processor, multi-processor, memory design.
  • Digital, analog, RF, mixed, asynchronous circuit design.
  • Transducer design.
  • Design for testability, built-in self-test.
  • Adaptive Computing Systems with FPGA components.
  • Mixed Analog / Digital Systems.
  • Technology-related design, interconnect design, very deep submicron design
  • Signal processing theory, algorithms, architecture, design, and implementation.
  • Image / video processing, coding, compression, restoration, analysis, understanding, and communications.
  • Speech processing, coding, compression, and recognition.
  • Audio signal processing, coding, and compression.
  • Image/video processing, coding, compression, restoration, analysis and understanding, and communications.
  • Multimedia signal processing and technology.
Any other topics relevant to latest trends in VLSI & Signal Processing.