Influence of Precipitation and Temperature on Tree-Ring Width of Brutia Pine (Pinus brutia Ten.) in Tartous-Syria

International Journal of Agriculture & Environmental Science
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Volume 5 Issue 5
Year of Publication : 2018
Authors : Heba M. Salhab, Dr.Wael Ali, Dr.Laila Abboud
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Heba M. Salhab, Dr.Wael Ali, Dr.Laila Abboud, "Influence of Precipitation and Temperature on Tree-Ring Width of Brutia Pine (Pinus brutia Ten.) in Tartous-Syria ," SSRG International Journal of Agriculture & Environmental Science, vol. 5,  no. 5, pp. 22-31, 2018. Crossref,


Tree rings width are strongly influenced by environmental factors especially climatic ones, Dendroclimatology concerns with studying the response of tree rings to climatic conditions. In order to study the relationship between tree rings width of brutia pine and both of precipitation and temperature in three sites in Tartous, 10 dominant trees were selected in each site. Using increment drill two perpendicular samples from each tree at breast height were taken. The samples were treated, and well cross dated, then the rings width were measured to the nearest 0.01 mm. The tree rings time series were standardized to avoid the influence of age and forest management. Response functions method was used to test the relationship between climate and tree ring-width. Results showed that, at low site Amreet, tree-ring width was more influenced by precipitation than temperature, especially in growing season and prior to it. At high site Kadmous, precipitation has significant effect between the end of spring and the beginning of summer (May and June), However, there was an obvious positive influence of April temperature (mean, max and min) on tree-ring width. At Tallah, tree-ring width did not significantly response to monthly precipitation, and showed negative influence by the mean and maximum temperature for July.


Dendroclimatology -Tree rings -Temperature -Precipitation – Brutia pine.


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