Store Choice Behavior of Shoppers in Changing Retail Environment in Northern India

International Journal of Economics and Management Studies
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Volume 6 Issue 7
Year of Publication : 2019
Authors : Jasnoor Kaur, Veerpaul Kaur Maan
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Jasnoor Kaur, Veerpaul Kaur Maan, "Store Choice Behavior of Shoppers in Changing Retail Environment in Northern India," SSRG International Journal of Economics and Management Studies, vol. 6,  no. 7, pp. 38-42, 2019. Crossref,


The present paper is an attempt to investigate the shopping behavior of consumers in the changing retail scenario in the country. It highlights the critical factors that affect the choice of retail outlets in India. Major retail formats (Department stores, Convenience stores, Specialty stores, Shopping malls, and Conventional markets) were covered in the study. The whole area was divided into three distinct regions: National Capital region, New Emerging Cities and Traditional cities. The present research also undertook region wise analysis to examine the impact of different factors. One way and two- way ANOVA were performed to find variance among different factors and among different regions. Correlation analysis was used to establish relationship between frequency of visit to a retail outlet and the time spent in that outlet. The conclusions of this study gives an insight into consumers’ inclination towards new retail formats such as Department stores, specialty stores and shopping malls. It also reveals a negative relationship between frequency of visit and time spent at an outlet. Further it explores factors that are paramount to outline constructive strategies by retailers.


Organized and unorganized retailing, consumer expectations, key drivers of retail industry.


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