Stimulation Of Employees Using The Extrasalarian Benefit

International Journal of Economics and Management Studies
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Volume 6 Issue 7
Year of Publication : 2019
Authors : Ioana Cristina CIRCA (BUZDUGA)
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Ioana Cristina CIRCA (BUZDUGA), "Stimulation Of Employees Using The Extrasalarian Benefit," SSRG International Journal of Economics and Management Studies, vol. 6,  no. 7, pp. 59-62, 2019. Crossref,


Following my study, I want to highlight the extra-salary benefit to employees in the form of meal vouchers with a program used in an electrical appliance company. This program is designed to keep a clear record of the productivity of each employee, that is to say the norm he performs daily, depending on the product / benchmark he works for. Employees receive meal vouchers according to the norm. What I would like to highlight in this article is making the most efficient use of resources and motivating staff to benefit at the end of each month from the maximum meal vouchers. I would like to mention that at this company the meal vouchers are distributed according to the norm and the surplus of the employees.


extrasalary benefit, productivity, product, norm, employees, meal vouchers. JEL codes: P42


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