Connecting School and Teacher Education

International Journal of Economics and Management Studies
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Volume 10 Issue 2
Year of Publication : 2023
Authors : Priti Kumari
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Priti Kumari, "Connecting School and Teacher Education," SSRG International Journal of Economics and Management Studies, vol. 10,  no. 2, pp. 15-18, 2023. Crossref,


The teacher is the architect of the future of the children. Therefore, it is necessary that the training of teachers should be done properly. In order to make a good teacher, B.Ed. NCTE has prepared a curriculum in such a way that children can get all kinds of knowledge. Continuous changes have been made in the syllabus to enhance his personality and inculcate all the qualities of a good teacher. Earlier, there was a one-year B.Ed. course, then it is done for two years; now, in National education policy 2020, it has been said to start the course only after standard 12th. This change is being done to enhance the potential of education. But is it enough? The techniques of proper teaching can be learned only by being among students. The right teaching process is very complex, just like human behavior. Many times the lesson plan made us becomes useless in front of the students. The environment of the classroom is far beyond our thinking. In adverse circumstances, only an experienced teacher is able to handle the class in the right way. Your experience and technique work the most in live classes. However, what about those teacher-student who are just entered right now, means they are taking the first step towards becoming a teacher. This study is a small effort to find out.


School experience, Teacher education, Teaching practice, Practical knowledge.


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