Mathematical Models of Active Acoustic Impact on Diffusion in Reservoirs with Oil Hierarchical Inclusions and Additional Influence of Turbulence

International Journal of Geoinformatics and Geological Science
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Volume 8 Issue 3
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : Olga Hachay, Andrey Khachay
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Olga Hachay, Andrey Khachay, "Mathematical Models of Active Acoustic Impact on Diffusion in Reservoirs with Oil Hierarchical Inclusions and Additional Influence of Turbulence," SSRG International Journal of Geoinformatics and Geological Science, vol. 8,  no. 3, pp. 7-11, 2021. Crossref,


During acoustic monitoring at a fixed frequency in a layered medium with inclusions of a hierarchical structure, responses with additional frequencies are observed in fluid-saturated hierarchical inclusions. The multitude of pulsations of various periods and amplitudes illustrates the complex internal structure of turbulent flows, which sharply differ in this respect from laminar flows. So, turbulent flows have a much greater ability to transfer momentum and therefore in many cases exert a much greater force effect on solid bodies flown around by a liquid or gas. Due to the presence of internal inhomogeneities, turbulent flows are able to scatter sound and electromagnetic waves passing through a liquid or gas and cause fluctuations in their amplitudes and phases. The listed properties of turbulent flows can be very important for many problems of natural science and technology. For a quantitative study of these effects, an algorithm has been developed in the form of an iterative process for solving a direct problem to consider a more detailed effect of turbulent fluid motion causing acoustic emission in a reservoir containing fluid-saturated inclusions of a hierarchical type. The simulation results can be used for monitoring studies of fluid recovery control in oil fields.


hierarchical medium, acoustic field, iterative algorithm, effects of turbulent diffusion, oscillatory disturbances in a fluid-saturated inclusion.


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