Synthesis, Characterization, and Dielectric Studies of (1-x) PMMA: x PC: 10PVP: 5LiClO4 Plasticized Blend Polymer Solid Electrolyte Systems

International Journal of Material Science and Engineering
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Volume 6 Issue 3
Year of Publication : 2020
Authors : R.Swarnalatha, Venkata Ramana Jeedi, A. Raju, A. Sadananda chary, S. Narender Reddy
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R.Swarnalatha, Venkata Ramana Jeedi, A. Raju, A. Sadananda chary, S. Narender Reddy, "Synthesis, Characterization, and Dielectric Studies of (1-x) PMMA: x PC: 10PVP: 5LiClO4 Plasticized Blend Polymer Solid Electrolyte Systems," SSRG International Journal of Material Science and Engineering, vol. 6,  no. 3, pp. 1-4, 2020. Crossref,


Plasticized blend polymer solid electrolytes (1-x) PMMA: x PC : 10 wt% PVP: 5 wt% LiClO4 (where x = 10, 20, 30, 40 wt%) were synthesized according to their stoichiometric ratios. DC ionic conductivity study has been carried on four different polymer matrices and reported the maximum enhanced ionic conductivity is observed at a threshold combination of 70 wt% PMMA: 20 wt% PC: 10 wt% PVP: 5 wt% LiClO4 polymer matrix. This could be attributed to the polymer matrix's segmental flexibility and increased Li+ ion mobility in the polymer matrix. Further dielectric studies are carried out and explained. The XRD patterns of all these solid electrolytes confirm an increase in the amorphous nature, increasing plasticizer PC wt%. DSC Thermograms has been carried out and explains the dependence of segmental flexibility of a polymer on Tg.


Amorphous, Activation energy, Glass transition temperature, Segmental motion, Dielectric constant.


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