Awareness, Thoughts and Practice of Voluntary Blood Donation among Physicians in a Tertiary Health Facility of a Developing Country

International Journal of Nursing and Health Science
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Volume 1 Issue 1
Year of Publication : 2015
Authors : Dr.E. Gopalakrishnan, M.Rahini, S.Gopi
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Dr.E. Gopalakrishnan, M.Rahini, S.Gopi, "Awareness, Thoughts and Practice of Voluntary Blood Donation among Physicians in a Tertiary Health Facility of a Developing Country," SSRG International Journal of Nursing and Health Science, vol. 1,  no. 1, pp. 8-11, 2015. Crossref,


Blood donation is when a person voluntarily gives blood, which can be used for blood transfusions or to make sure drugs. The blood can be used to help the victims of accidents. The main objectives of this learn you are to assess the information, approach, and execution of voluntary blood donation among physicians, to recognize and draft prospective voluntary blood donors amongst them, and to determine the association between blood donation and gender, duration of practice, and subspecialty of the physicians. Blood donation is perhaps one way to help save the lives of many. Nevertheless, people should be counseled regularly right from their school level regarding the myths of blood donation so as to provoke in them the sense of this best form of charity


Blood donation, Physicians, Developing country.


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