Implementation of a Quality Diagnosis and Developing a Database for Dyeing Problems

International Journal of Polymer and Textile Engineering
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Volume 3 Issue 2
Year of Publication : 2016
Authors : Md. Kamruzzaman, K. M. Faridul Hasan, Md. Eman Talukdar, Manikandan N
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Md. Kamruzzaman, K. M. Faridul Hasan, Md. Eman Talukdar, Manikandan N, "Implementation of a Quality Diagnosis and Developing a Database for Dyeing Problems," SSRG International Journal of Polymer and Textile Engineering, vol. 3,  no. 2, pp. 1-11, 2016. Crossref,


Technology, material, humaninvolvement, proper database & effective manuals of working proceduresare relevant for thequality checking of colored fabric are essential for a dye house. The inseparable satisfactory of the dyeing method is the primary concern to dye the fabric through ensuring proper quality, because the last outcome of this produced fabric are the consumers who would purchase it to fulfill his or her personal needs. Just about the corporations have an exceptional service with a purpose to permit to obtain, display and hold pleasant in all sectors and circulate toward inner and outside procedures manipulation. The client is then long termend user of the prohibit product but all the business enterprise's services and the intermediaries are extremely important.Inside the following paintings it is tried to simulate a diagnostic nice in an agency facts, expand a quality tracking device through a database and then attempt to solve the problems to gain the three closing motto of the company as "profitability, competitiveness, and the extension".inside the method to any problem is to define a method to observe, it takes to adopt adroit path to achieve the desired consequences .The approach followed for the hassle is to stumble on abnormalities; have an effect on the performance of a given corporation and try to solve it through several approach which includes database that enables to screen pleasantly. Then need attempt to adopt a collaborative brainstorming with leaders of the business enterprise to try and optimize all enterprise manufacturing cost and this reducing the unnecessary expenses. As a satisfied employee is an effective worker, it's far sensible to say that satisfied consumer equals a hit business.


Database, quality diagnosis, dyeing problem, Pareto chart.


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