List of Topics

SSRG International Journal of Thermal Engineering (SSRG-IJTE)is a journal that publishes articles which contribute new novel experimentation and theoretical work in in all areas of Thermal Engineering and its applications. The journal welcomes publications of high quality papers on theoretical developments and Purchase Soma Pills practical Thermal Engineering.

Papers are solicited from, but not limited to the following topics:
  • Turbine rotor stator interaction
  • Heat and relevant mass transfer
  • Forced, natural or mixed convection
  • Performance improvement of centrifugal compressor by tip modification
  • Single or Multi-phase fluid flow
  • Combined modes of heat transfer in complex systems
  • Heat exchangers, heat pipes, cooling processes
  • Subsonic cascade studies
  • Transport phenomena taking place in industrial processes
  • Investigations on counter rotating turbines
  • Nano-and micro-technology for energy
  • Volute casing and mixed flow compressors
  • Heat transport analysis in advanced systems heat and mass transfer
  • Turbulence modeling
  • Thermo physical properties of matter
  • Active and passive control of turbomachinery flows
  • Aerothermodynamics of internal flow
  • Turbulence modeling
  • Combustion
  • Engineering thermodynamics
  • Thermo physical properties of matter
  • Gas turbine blade cooling
Any other topics relevant to latest trends in Thermal Engineering.