Performance Assessment of Wireless Protocols for ATM Networks

Performance Assessment of Wireless Protocols for ATM Networks

International Journal of Mobile Computing and Application
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Volume 3 Issue 1
Year of Publication : 2016
Authors : Sri Prasad and Sameera Bhanu
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Sri Prasad and Sameera Bhanu, "Performance Assessment of Wireless Protocols for ATM Networks" SSRG International Journal of Mobile Computing and Application 3.1 (2016): 5-8.

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Sri Prasad and Sameera Bhanu,(2016). Performance Assessment of Wireless Protocols for ATM Networks. SSRG International Journal of Mobile Computing and Application 3(1), 5-8.


The perception of wireless ATM is now being aggressively measured as a potential framework for next creation wireless communication networks accomplished of sustaining integrated multimedia services with diverse QoS requirements. Numerous key subsystem intend issues for wired ATM and wireless networks desires to be readdressed in the scope of the wireless ATM, which has the competence to expand the statistical multiplexing of wired ATM network into the wireless medium. One of the key subsystem issues is the expansion of apposite medium access control (MAC) protocol. The conservatory of the ATM network into wireless environment faces many interesting problems. The original ATM network was deliberate for high speed, noiseless, and reliable channels. None of this distinctiveness is relevant to the wireless channel. One of the critical aspects of a wireless ATM network is the Medium or Multi Access Control (MAC) Protocol used by the Mobile station (MS) to request service from the BS, which has to believe the Quality of Service (QoS) of the explicit applications. This paper analyses newly proposed MAC protocols, chiefly those of Demand Assignment Multiple Access protocols using TDMA technique with Frequency Division Duplex (FDD). It also gives performance measures of two best appropriate protocols for wireless network surroundings Distributed Queuing Request Update Multiple Access (DQRUMA) protocol and Adaptive Request Channel Multiple Access (ARCMA) protocol.


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Key Words:

Multiple Access Control Protocols, ATM, DQRUMA and ARCMA