Seismic Analysis of Low-Rise Commercial Building with Roof Top Telecommunication Tower

International Journal of Civil Engineering
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Volume 3 Issue 8
Year of Publication : 2016
Authors : Drisya S, Joshma M
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Drisya S, Joshma M, "Seismic Analysis of Low-Rise Commercial Building with Roof Top Telecommunication Tower," SSRG International Journal of Civil Engineering, vol. 3,  no. 8, pp. 9-12, 2016. Crossref,


The mobile phones have become an important part of everyday human life. A day without them topples down our day to day activities. As a result the number of towers for transmitting and receiving communication signals has grown unprecedentedly over the years. The situation is so grave that the land availability for placing the tower is limited. They are thus being positioned at building rooftops with the added advantage of better coverage for signals. However the host structure should be checked for the additional loads brought in by the rooftop telecommunication towers. In the present study, seismic analysis of a low rise commercial building with towers of height 9m, 15m, 21m and 27m is performed with SAP2000 software. The most favourable position of tower on the roof is identified by placing the tower at different positions. Stresses and axial forces in the top storey structural members and the influence of tower height on building are studied. The results obtained from modal analysis and response spectrum analysis of the structure are tabulated, compared and conclusions drawn. From the results it is concluded that the building need to be designed for resisting earthquake loads. And as the height of tower on rooftop increase there is considerable decrease in building frequency. The minimum displacement in the host structure is found when the tower was placed at the centre of the building roof, making it an optimal position for placing the tower


Rooftop tower, Host structure, Telecommunication tower, Modal analysis, Response spectrum analysis.


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