Vibration Control of Building with Passive Tuned Liquid Column Damper

International Journal of Civil Engineering
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Volume 8 Issue 5
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : Kavan S. Mistry, Snehal V. Mevada, Darshana R. Bhatt
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Kavan S. Mistry, Snehal V. Mevada, Darshana R. Bhatt, "Vibration Control of Building with Passive Tuned Liquid Column Damper," SSRG International Journal of Civil Engineering, vol. 8,  no. 5, pp. 1-15, 2021. Crossref,


The study focuses on the seismic vibration control of a 10 storied building installed with various structural control systems such as passive linear viscous dampers (LVD) and tuned liquid column damper (TLCD). The building is subjected to different earthquakes that occurred in the past. The displacement, velocity, and acceleration responses for the multi-story building are obtained by mathematically solving the governing equations of motion using the state space approach. Optimum parameters for the dampers are derived from the numerical study. To investigate the effectiveness of dampers in the building, a comparative study between the controlled response and the corresponding uncontrolled response is carried out.
Moreover, the study is carried out to determine the optimum placement of damper to be installed in the multi-storey building under consideration, as well as a comparison of LVD and TLCD in terms of its effectiveness in the reduction of seismic responses of the building. Various response quantities such as top storey displacement and acceleration of the structure are obtained. For the present study, it is observed that response quantities such as displacement and acceleration reduce significantly after the installation of LVD and TLCD.


Linear viscous damper, Optimum, Passive, Seismic Response, Tuned liquid column damper


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