Research Methodology on Security Engineering for Web Services Security Architectures extended for Integration of Cloud, Big Data and IOT

International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering
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Volume 3 Issue 6
Year of Publication : 2016
Authors : Dr.D.Shravani

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Dr.D.Shravani, "Research Methodology on Security Engineering for Web Services Security Architectures extended for Integration of Cloud, Big Data and IOT," SSRG International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering , vol. 3,  no. 6, pp. 18-24, 2016. Crossref,


This research paper deals with proposed research methodology on Security Engineering for Web Services Security Architectures extended for Integration of emerging technologies like cloud and Big Data and Internet of Things (IOT). Apart from proposing research strategy it also provides list of engineering tools for carrying out research.


Security Engineering, Security Architectures, Web Services, Cloud Computing, Big Data, IOT.


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