A Thresholding Method for Color Image Binarization

International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering
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Volume 1 Issue 7
Year of Publication : 2014
Authors : Kalavathi P

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Kalavathi P, "A Thresholding Method for Color Image Binarization," SSRG International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering , vol. 1,  no. 7, pp. 31-40, 2014. Crossref, https://doi.org/10.14445/23488387/IJCSE-V1I7P107


In this paper, a color image binarization method based on isodata thresholding technique is developed. A threshold value is computed separately for each of the color component of the given input RGB image. The binary images of each color component image along with the binary image of the converted grayscale image are added together to produce the resultant binary image. The result of this proposed method was compared with the popular Otsu’s thresholding method. The proposed method found to produce better result than the Otsu’s thresholding technique.


Color image binarization, thresholding technique, isodatathresholding, image binarization, color image segmentation...


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