Newfangled Applications of Digital Image Processing

International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering
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Volume 6 Issue 11
Year of Publication : 2019
Authors : S Prathiba, Dr. B. Sivagami

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S Prathiba, Dr. B. Sivagami, "Newfangled Applications of Digital Image Processing," SSRG International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering , vol. 6,  no. 11, pp. 28-32, 2019. Crossref,


Digital Image Processing alludes to the preparing of advanced pictures by means of a digital computer. The field of digital image processing has experienced persistent and critical extension in recent days. The convenience of this technique is clear in numerous distinctive disciplines covering pharmaceutical through farther detecting. The progress and wide accessibility of picture acquiring equipment have incorporated the upgraded version of the image processing. Some of the applications of digital image processing are medical applications restorations and enhancements, digital cinema, image transmission and coding, color processing, remote sensing, robot vision, hybrid techniques, pattern recognition, registration techniques, multidimensional image processing, image processing architectures and workstations, video processing, programmable DSPs for video coding, high-resolution display, highquality color representation, etc.


Digital image processing, Recent applications, Newfangled DIP applications.


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