Effect of Tendon Profile on Deflections in Prestressed Concrete Beams using C Programme

International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering
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Volume 8 Issue 11
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : Murugan Usha Rani

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Murugan Usha Rani, "Effect of Tendon Profile on Deflections in Prestressed Concrete Beams using C Programme," SSRG International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering , vol. 8,  no. 11, pp. 6-8, 2021. Crossref, https://doi.org/10.14445/23488387/IJCSE-V8I11P102


Computer programming is to develop analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. C programming is a general-purpose powerful high-level language. Coding is applicable now in almost all industries. In most design offices today, the calculation is routinely performed on computers using software, thereby completing the work process easily before the scheduled period. In civil Engineering, the modules like Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Structural Analysis, Design of Reinforced cement concrete element and Steel structures involve complex Engineering problems. Various steps and empirical formulas were followed to perform the analysis and design problems by manual methods. Many times redesign of the section is necessary to satisfy the codal provisions, which again consumes more time and Energy. All this can be addressed easily in a programming language very simple and effective way. This paper involves the estimation of deflection of prestressed concrete beams with different cable profiles of straight tendons, parabolic tendons, parabolic tendons with eccentric anchors, trapezoidal tendons, sloping tendons, parabolic and straight tendons with the basic concept of C programming and condition of If statements. The output obtained by this method is compared with the suitable analytical method.


Prestressed concrete beam, eccentricity, youngs modulus, the width of the beam, depth of the beam, moment of inertia, grade of concrete


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