Design & Parameters Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna for Ultra wide band Application

International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering
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Volume 3 Issue 7
Year of Publication : 2016
Authors : Ashish Chand and Dinesh Kumar
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Ashish Chand and Dinesh Kumar, "Design & Parameters Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna for Ultra wide band Application," SSRG International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering, vol. 3,  no. 7, pp. 14-18, 2016. Crossref,


Microstrip patch antennas being popular because of light weight, low volume, thin profile configuration which can be made conformal. This paper presents antenna designs for ultra wide band applications. UWB is a short distance radio communication technology that can perform high speed communications with speeds of more than 100Mbps. Modern communication system requires single antenna to cover several wireless bands. The UWB systems have received great attention in indoor and handheld wireless communication. The first is the design and parametric analysis of Inset fed rectangular micro-strip antenna which operates at the central frequency of 6.57GHz.The second aspect is the design and parametric analysis of slot cut E-shaped micro-strip antenna. The simulation process has been done through high frequency structure simulator (HFSS). The properties of antenna such as bandwidth, return loss, VSWR has been investigated and comparison between these two micro-strip antenna. The presented antenna simulated and various parameters such as return loss, VSWR, gain and radiation pattern has been investigated.



HFSS(High frequency structured simulator), MPA(Micro-strip Patch Antenna), FEM(Finite Element Method) etc.


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