Line to Ground Fault Analysis of Transmission Line with 3 Level SVPWM Based STATCOM for Reactive Power Management

International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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Volume 4 Issue 5
Year of Publication : 2017
Authors : S.M.Padmaja, N Silpa
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S.M.Padmaja, N Silpa, "Line to Ground Fault Analysis of Transmission Line with 3 Level SVPWM Based STATCOM for Reactive Power Management," SSRG International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, vol. 4,  no. 5, pp. 28-41, 2017. Crossref,


The occurrence of sudden faults in a power transmission network leads to severe short term imbalance in the power system stability. Without threatening the power system stability, the power transfer capability of a transmission network can be enhanced to its maximum limits by using Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) controllers. The application of FACTS technology through multilevel converter topologies is attracting research interests due to its additional benefits in improving the power quality. Therefore, appropriate fault analysis for a reliable multilevel converter is the prerequisite for the realization of transmission network. This paper is intended to investigate the voltage profile and reactive power prevailing in the transmission network of IEEE-14 bus system during the weakest period of the line to ground fault. The performance of traditional 2-level voltage source converter is compared with that of 3- level diode clamped multilevel converter topology through an efficient Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) control strategy. The complete fault analysis is verified through the simulation in MATLAB / SIMULINK.


3-SVPWM, STATCOM, Multi Level Converter, Reactive Power Management, L-G Fault.


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