A Survey on Smart Toolbox Using Rfid

International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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Volume 6 Issue 11
Year of Publication : 2019
Authors : Rohit M, P.Praveen, Sanjana, Shreya R Bhat
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Rohit M, P.Praveen, Sanjana, Shreya R Bhat, "A Survey on Smart Toolbox Using Rfid," SSRG International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, vol. 6,  no. 11, pp. 7-10, 2019. Crossref, https://doi.org/10.14445/23488379/IJEEE-V6I11P102


The manufacturing of automated machines is done by skilled engineers with the required tools in reach at time & place of easy reach. Tool misplacing
is a phenomenon that is leading to efficiency loss of 20-25% of working hours which is indirectly related to cost to company. Toolbox & tool chest have a definite position and slot for each size and type of tool.Employee time-in and time-out details and proximity to determine a tool’s position and its allotted user. Due to day-to-day increasing non track-ability of tools, a RFID- Arduino circuit which checks the employee details and grants tool chest/ toolbox access.This methodology can be used for service engineer SPC tracking. A integrated system can reduce toolbox replacement from every 3-4 months to more than once a year. System can be installed and customised to industrial standards and customer requirements. This is a survey of such early tracking methods which is been researched recently.


Toolbox, RFID , asset management, tool tracking, industrial manufacturing


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