Design and Implementation of Multiprocessing Hybrid System Controlled By ARM Processor

International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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Volume 1 Issue 8
Year of Publication : 2014
Authors : B.Prasanth, K.Karthik
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B.Prasanth, K.Karthik, "Design and Implementation of Multiprocessing Hybrid System Controlled By ARM Processor," SSRG International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, vol. 1,  no. 8, pp. 21-27 , 2014. Crossref,


 The Segmented Energy Storage management (SES) is the proposed solution of smoothing renewable power generation fluctuations. A SES based hybrid renewable power management system requires a suitable control strategy that can be effectively utilize the maximum power output and Battery State of Charge (SOC). The proposed system represents an efficiency of a renewable hybrid power system simulation analysis undertaken to improve the smoothing performance of BESS. The hybrid power generation and then smart grid proposes the effectiveness of the battery SOC control. The power control method is a reducing the hybrid output power fluctuations and regulating the battery SOC under the typical conditions is proposed. A real time based SES power allocation method and ARM controller also has proposed. All the above stated switching techniques are simulated using the MATLAB at a frequency of 10 kHz.




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