Research the Electromechanical Tracking Control System Working in Slow Mode, Taking into Account the Nonlinear Uncertainty Factor and the State Observer

International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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Volume 8 Issue 3
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : Tran Duc Chuyen, Vu Thi To Linh
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Tran Duc Chuyen, Vu Thi To Linh, "Research the Electromechanical Tracking Control System Working in Slow Mode, Taking into Account the Nonlinear Uncertainty Factor and the State Observer," SSRG International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, vol. 8,  no. 3, pp. 1-8, 2021. Crossref,


In this paper, presenting a study of electromechanical tracking drive system working in slow mode, taking into account the uncertainty of nonlinearity, the parameter change of the model, and the state observer using PMSM motors used in industry and military. The system consists of a position controller loop and loop speed controller. In which loop speed controller using adaptive law to compensate the uncertainty function and built the sliding mode state observers to estimate load torque, friction, and interferences. The controller is proposed to improve the quality system, taking into account the uncertain nonlinear components for drive systems such as the moment of inertia, friction torque, etc. Research results will be the basis for the establishment of control algorithms, system design electric drives in the industry, military, defense, and security.


PMSM motor control, Drive system tracking, Adaptive sliding mode control, State observer, Variable structural control, Very low speed, Slow mode taking.


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