Sustainable Smart Power Outlet Controller with Online Energy Management System for Public Charging Stations

International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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Volume 8 Issue 5
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : Oludolapo Olufajo, Abdulateef Ogundipe, Toluwalase Atanda, Oluwapelumi Fakolujo
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Oludolapo Olufajo, Abdulateef Ogundipe, Toluwalase Atanda, Oluwapelumi Fakolujo, "Sustainable Smart Power Outlet Controller with Online Energy Management System for Public Charging Stations," SSRG International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, vol. 8,  no. 5, pp. 16-24, 2021. Crossref,


In developing countries, there are still problems of inadequate electricity supply. A major cause of electricity supply deficiency has been identified as energy theft, due to the insecure municipal electricity grid network and the perceptively high electricity tariffs. To solve these problems, this paper discusses a feasible solution by introducing solar powered charging stations with online management systems. This deployment would allow only authorized individuals to utilise power outlets for an assigned time limit. It also monitors and regulates the power demand to ensure that no high-power equipment is plugged in at any point in time. Having sized the solar station to cater for an uninterrupted 24hrs a day supply availability, the life cycle cost of operating the station for 20years is evaluated, considering three selected geographical locations in Nigeria (Kano, Ibadan and Port Harcourt). Subsequently, location appropriate tariffs of 3cents, 4cents and 6 cents were suggested bearing in mind a desirable breakeven point of 5 years. From the Environmental Impact Assessment, CO2 European Emission Allowance of £29,973.34 £37,498.82 and £44,638.11 can the accrued in the respective locations, over the period of 20years under view. As such, the viability, sustainability and profitability of the solar powered charging station is established.


Control system, Energy management, IoT and system security, Smart power outlets, Sustainable energy system.


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