IoT Based Smart Monitoring and Controlling System for Gas Leakage in Industries

International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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Volume 9 Issue 9
Year of Publication : 2022
Authors : V. Muralidharan, S. Prabhavathy, L. Pavithra, V. Nithya
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V. Muralidharan, S. Prabhavathy, L. Pavithra, V. Nithya, "IoT Based Smart Monitoring and Controlling System for Gas Leakage in Industries," SSRG International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, vol. 9,  no. 9, pp. 38-46, 2022. Crossref,


The main objective of the work is to design a microcontroller-based toxic gas detecting and alerting system. The ultrasonic sensor is used to determine if gas is present in the ambient or not by analyzing the acoustic waves. The MQ-135 gas sensor is used to identify the leakage of gas. The IoT part of the system deals with the connectivity of the entire system to the Blynk platform via the Wi-Fi module of the NodeMCU microcontroller.
      The emergency actions are automated, and detection is predicted using two preset threshold values of gas pressure in case of gas leakage. The system enables monitoring and alerting gas leakages in industries before the accident could occur, leading to a faster response time in the event of a leakage condition. The availability of the Blynk cloud platform makes it easier to collect regular data and generate useful insights from it. The results from the accumulated data of the ultrasonic sensor let us automate security actions before the conditions go out of control.
      An IoT - based smart control and monitoring system for industrial gas leakage problems is proposed with the ability to monitor the pipelines, store the pressure levels and generate insights based on recorded data. The key idea of the system is to generate notifications and alarms based on the preset threshold value to show an increase in safety. The IoT part of the system deals with the connectivity of the entire system to the Blynk platform via the Wi-Fi module of the NodeMCU microcontroller. The online platform provides a range of tasks that can be done. From data visualization to automation, Blynk provides multiple facilities to carry out our essential operations in the project. As a part of our system, the online platform helps us to read, record, and analyze the data received from the microcontroller unit. The e-mail notification is also initiated through this online mobile application.


Automated action, Alert Notifications, Blynk Cloud platform, Gas Leakage, Smart Control System.


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