A Study on Traffic Flow at Urban Road Intersections Based on Queuing Theory

International Journal of Humanities and Social Science
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Volume 5 Issue 2
Year of Publication : 2018
Authors : Yang Shen and Lianhua Wang
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Yang Shen and Lianhua Wang, "A Study on Traffic Flow at Urban Road Intersections Based on Queuing Theory," SSRG International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, vol. 5,  no. 2, pp. 21-26, 2018. Crossref, https://doi.org/10.14445/23942703/IJHSS-V5I2P106


With the popularization of private cars, the congestion of urban roads has become more serious, especially at road intersections, and traffic jams have occurred from time to time. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the traffic flow at road intersections to alleviate traffic pressure at intersections. In this paper, taking the road intersection of Huixin East Bridge and Huixin East Street in Chaoyang District of Beijing as an example, using the follow-up data, a queuing model is established for the queuing process of traffic flow at the intersection, and the queueing knowledge is applied to the intersection. The analysis of traffic flow shows that the queuing theory model is in line with the actual vehicle queuing situation, and it has certain practical guidance for the planning and evaluation of intersections.


Road intersection; Car-following; Traffic flow; Queuing theory.


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