Seismic Analysis of G+5 Steel Structure using Bracings

International Journal of Industrial Engineering
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Volume 4 Issue 1
Year of Publication : 2017
Authors : Dr(Mrs). D. Brindha and Mr. Adarsh Paul
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Dr(Mrs). D. Brindha and Mr. Adarsh Paul, "Seismic Analysis of G+5 Steel Structure using Bracings," SSRG International Journal of Industrial Engineering, vol. 4,  no. 1, pp. 25-28, 2017. Crossref,


This paper compares the lateral drift, strain energy released and the stress in the elements of the G+5 steel structure using different orientation of bracings in ANSYS 14.5 to find the most optimum orientation.


 ANSYS 14.5, Lateral drift, Seismic analysis, steel strucutre, bracing profiles


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