Restenosis Subsequent to Inflate Valvuloplasty in Dogs with Inherited Pulmonary Stenosis

International Journal of Veterinary Science
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Volume 1 Issue 1
Year of Publication : 2015
Authors : Dr.G.Jonesneelu, V.Sowmiya barveen
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Dr.G.Jonesneelu, V.Sowmiya barveen, "Restenosis Subsequent to Inflate Valvuloplasty in Dogs with Inherited Pulmonary Stenosis," SSRG International Journal of Veterinary Science, vol. 1,  no. 1, pp. 11-14, 2015. Crossref,


The aspire of this learning were to expose the pervasiveness of complications connected with PBV in excess of a long-term follow-up, and to examine the factors interrelated to those complications, particularly pulmonary Restenosis. Forty dogs that undergo PBV were with the benefit of hindsight reviewed. Long-term follow-up was available in 26 dogs. Exacerbation of PI and TR after PBV was observed in some dogs; however, right-sided heart failure due to PI or TR was not observed in any of them. During long-term follow up, Restenosis developed in 7 dogs (7/25). Restenosis was noticed 5.5 after successful PBV. Numerous regression analyses recognized atenolol administration proceeding to PBV as the autonomous predictor of Restenosis all through long-term follow-up. Supplementary search is defensible to investigate the apparatus of Restenosis and to conclude an approach to thwart complications.


Pulmonary valve stenosis, Long-term follow-up, Atenolol.


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