What are Article Processing Charges?

Unlike traditional publishers, Open Access publishers – like SSRG – do not generate revenue from selling subscriptions. Instead, we make all of our articles freely available. Other Open Access publishers charge an Article Processing Charge (APC) once an article is accepted for publication to cover the costs of taking a manuscript and turning it into a finished article. But our SSRG claims a publishing fee. For more information on the principles of Open Access and how they apply to SSRG, please see What is Open Access Publishing?.

When a manuscript is submitted, it is processed through the many different departments by SSRG:

  • The Editorial Screening team performs initial technical and ethical checks.
  • The Editorial team is responsible for coordinating the review process with the journal’s academic Editorial Board – see peer review at SSRG for more information.
  • The Production team converts the manuscript to a professionally typeset article and a well-structured XML.
  • The Proofing team, who coordinates the proofing process through SSRG Online Proofing System (OPS).
  • The Editorial Quality Assurance team, who performs a final check to ensure that the manuscript and its review process adhere to the journal’s guidelines and policies.
  • The Indexing teams that liaise with all major index services.
  • The Support teams, who answer any questions throughout the publishing process.

These teams work with our marketing, communications, and technical teams to ensure your article receives the attention it deserves. A portion of all APCs is reinvested into the technical systems that support these services to ensure that the publishing process continues to be as easy as possible.

We hope that this page is enough to understand in detail, and do contact us with any questions you might have.