ICETSST-2017 - Part 1

Title/Author Name

Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition for Indian Sign Languages
- Gobhinath.S, Dhivya.R, Karnila.M
Reliable and Secure Storage Services in Cloud Computing
- Dr. K. Saravanan and S.S.L. Durai Arumugam
Biometric Print Recognition System A Touchless Approach
- Dr.K.Saravanan & C.Balasubramaniam
A Modern Approach for Improving Quality of Service in 4g Wireless Networks
- Ms.C.Kavitha and Ms.T.Kalai Selvi
A Group Key Management Protocol For Multicast Cryptosystems
- K.A.Dhamotharan and D.Vijaybabu
A Hospital Healthcare Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Networks
- Er.Perumal, Sindhu rekha.G, Hindhu shree.S, Rameena.S, Hemalatha.B, Anletpamila suhi.P
mSVM Clustering with IABC Approach for Query Based Recommendation System
- Prof.G.Sivakumar, Dr.K.M. Subramanian
Multimodal Biometrics Recognition System using EBGM
- Dr. P. Venkateswari, B. A. Lathika, D. Sathya
Request and Server Consolidation Methods for Cloud Power Management
- C.Senthilkumar, Mr. A. Rajesh, Mr. P. Natarajan
Spiraling invasive Computing keen on a Life Saving Tool Using IOT Device
- R.Karunamoorthi, P.Divyalakshmi