ICTER-2019 - Part 2

Title/Author Name

Detect Fake Identities Using Machine Learning
- Ms.K.Nagalakshmi , Ms.P.Nanthini , Ms.A.Saranya , Mrs.B.Revathi
Comparative Text Based Emotion Recognition Using Artificial Neural Network
- M.Vinodhini , M.Sangavi , Mr.J.Stalin
Evidence Based Treatment To Reduce Medical Prescribing Errors
- Sinkaravel.S , Palraj.S , Muthu Mani.M
Contrivance Multiple Images By Visible Obscure Techniques
- I.Muthu Meenatchi , P.Bavithra, S.Sangeetha , D.Soundarya
A Novel SHM Approach for Bridge Monitoring and Alert Generation System Using IOT
- R.Nandhini., A.Amirtha, M.Pavithra, N.lakshmi priya,A.N.Sivadharshini
Dos attack identifying in intrusion detection system using WinPcap
- Mr.Naveen Kumar.T , Surya.G , Muthu Irulan.P , Karthick.P , Rama Priya.M
SEPDP: Secure and Efficient Privacy Preserving Provable Data Possession in Cloud Storage
- Sivasakthi.C , Nantha kumar.K ,Ajith.S , Karpagam.M
Cued Click-Points of a Knowledge Based Authentication Mechanism
- Ms.M.Karthigaiselvi , Ms.M.Manochithra , Ms.S.Sivasankari , Mr.A.AnnaArasu
New Approach from K-Nearest Neighbor Data Classification
- Ms.P.Anushya , Ms.P.Jothilakshimi , Ms.S.Pavithra , Mrs.B.Revathi
An Effective Power and Performance Control in Translucent Network with GMPLS Control Plane
- A.Abitha, A.Jothi, T.Nagajothi, M.Sudha, R.Padmanaban
Blockchain-Based Decentralised Storage Architecture for Secure the Data-Sharing Protocol using Meta-Key
- Mr.Alagupandi.D , Mr.Surya.K.K , Mr.Santhana Krishnan.S , Mr.Senthil Srinivasan.S , Miss.Muthu Meenatchi.I
Web Cam Based Moving Object Detection
- Mrs.M.Karpagam , Ms.P.Babychitra , Ms.R.Loheswari , Mrs.K.Swathi
Monitoring Health Care System using Internet of Things
- P. Nandhini , C. Malar , K. Kalaivanan , Mr. T. Vignesh