NCRAME - Part 2

Title/Author Name

Burst Pressure Prediction On Perforated GFRP Igniter Cases Using Finite Element Method
- N. SatheeshKumar, N.Muthuraju, Jithin G Mathew, and James P Thomas
Study Of Detection Of Defects In Rolling Element Bearings Using Accoustic Measurement Methods- A Review
- M. Jasmin Nerella, Ch.Ratnam, V.Vital Rao
Experimental Investigation of Performance and Emission Characteristics of DI Diesel Engine with Rapeseed Methyl Ester
- V.Amosu, S.K. Bhatti
Experimental Study and Comparison of Enhancing Heat Transfer through Open-Cell Metallic Foam and Solid Rectangular Fin Using CFD
- R.Siddhardha, S.K.Bhatti, K.Sanatha, D.Sai Chaitanya
Thermal Optimisation Of Pcm Based Pin Fin Heat Sink Using Ansys
- K. Pavan Kumar, S. K. Bhatti, K. Sanatha G. Hemanth Kumar
Analysis of Cylindrical Vertical Jet Impingement Heat Transfer On Flat Plate Using CFD
- K.Siva Satya Mohan, S.K.Bhatti
Neural Network Analysis of Void Fraction in Subcooled Flow Boiling Of Water in Horizontal Annulus at High Pressures
- Ugandhar Puli, Phani Krishna Kadiyala
CFD Analysis for the Enhancement of Heat Transfer in a Heat Exchanger with Cut Twisted Tape Inserts
- K.P.V. Krishna varma, P.S. Kishore, TulasiTirupathi
Heat Transfer And Fluid Flow Analysis Of Pressure Tube In Candu 6 Nuclear Reactor Using Supercritical Water
- Lakshmana Kishore.T, Dr. Kiran Chaudhari, Dr. G. Ranga Janardhana
Troubleshooting Of High Exhaust Temperature Spread Issues In Gas Turbines
- Asutosha Sahu
Performance and Emission Characterization of Mahua Methyl Ester
- U.Ravindranath, M.V.Jagannadha Raju, Ugandhar Puli, Dhanunjaya Naidu
Experimental investigation of heat transfer in plain and tapered cylindrical fins
- M. Krishna Prasanna, B V S Raghu Vamsi, T. Siva Krishna
Design and Optimization of Internal Combustion Engine Based Co-Generation System Using Integrated Thermal Management Controller
- T. Siva Krishna, B V S Raghu Vamsi, M. Krishna Prasanna
Multi-product inventory optimization in a multi-echelon supply chain using Genetic Algorithm
- T.V.S.R.K.Prasad, Sk.Abdul Saleem, C.Srinivas, Kolla srinivas
Supply Chain Management : Modeling And Algorithms : A Review
- T.V.S.R.K.Prasad, Sk. Abdul Saleem, Kolla Srinivas, C. Srinivas