Conference Special Issues, SSRG

ICETSST-2018 - Part 1

Title/Author Name

Comparison of PWM Techniques for the Performance Improvement of Z-Source Inverter
- Dr.K.Chitra , Dr.C.Thulasiyammal
Power System Integration Of Photovoltaic And Energy Storage
- Balamurugan.R , Vanisha.B Manimekalai.A , kavitha.N , Iyappan.S
Coordinate Control of ZCVS and Active Power Flow Control with ACO in GCC under Unbalanced Conditions
- Supriya. V. N , Jisha .K.V
Stability Analysis with Z-Source Inverter using Solar Energy
- Mohana priya P, Sasikala N, Sandhiya M
Solar fed Smart Irrigation System using Zeta Converter
- Andrews Reginold .J , Cellakumar .P , Uthirasamy .R
Smart Energy Storage System for Electric and Fuel Vehicles
- V.Selvam, C.Sankar , S.Valarmathi, Mr.M.Ramesh kannan
Analysis and Controlling the Breath Rate of Patients using BLDC Motor Drive
- S.Kavin , C.Mohan , S.Mustak Ahemad , Ms.R.Pireethi
Fuel Cost Reduction for Thermal Power Generator with Economic Load Dispatch Problem using SFLA
- M.Muthuselvi , M.Kavinkumar , G.Mithun , Mr.P.Vignesh
Smart Starter using Agriculture
- S.Arunkumar, D.Ajithkumar, M.Vidhyasri, Mr.N.Jegan
Automatic Single Phase Changer without using Microcontrollers
- T.Bharathiraja, M.Viji , P.Dharuman , Mr.M.Ravichandran