ICT-2020 - Part 1

Title/Author Name

Power Quality Analysis of Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter using various SVPWM switching schemes
- Anbarasan.P, Ramkumar.S, Thamizharasan.S
Blockchain Technology in Solar Manufacturing
- Binoj S S, PrityKumari, Basanna Patagundi, Abhinandan S, Ajith Shetty
A Simulation Based Study on Diesel Engine using Different Blends of Mahua Oil and Yellow Grease in Diesel-Rk Software
- Shiv Kumar Sonkar, Pushyamitra Mishra, Prashant V. Baredar
Nanostructured Cu4sns4 Thin Films Prepared by using Various Deposition Methods: Review
- Ho Soonmin
Robust Classifier Design with Ensemble Neural Network using Differential Evolution
- Shobha T, Dr. R J Anandhi
Quality Function Deployment for Motorised Wheelchair
- Bobby P Paul, S Darius Gnanaraj, P Sam Paul, Aaron Mathew John, Arun K Varghese
- Ms. Lipsa Dash
Intelligent Character Recognition- Character detection using Neural Networks
- P. Giri Kishore, Athira Ajayakumar, N Nitin, Arun Natarajan
Event Detection in User Generated Video Content: A Comprehensive study
- Ms. Susmitha.A, Dr. Sanjay Jain
Analytical Modeling and Simulation of FinFET for Semiconductor memories
- Dr. B. Mohan Kumar Naik, V Vijayalakshmi
A Novel Technique for Ownership Protection and Authentication of Satellite Imagery
- Alavi Kunhu, Saeed Al Mansoori, Hussain Al-Ahmad
Using machine learning techniques towards predicting the number of dengue deaths in India – A case study
- Viswanath Bellie, Madhwaraj Kango Gopal, Govindaraj Venugopal
Smart Traffic management system using IOT
- Naresh K S, Francis J kalliath, Shravan Aruljothi, Arni Tharakaram Hariram, Harshith Shivakumar
Smart Water Distribution and Management System
- Ganesh C, Rashmi R, Chaithra K P, Charushri M, Sharmila D, Sandhya M
Signal Integrity Analysis And Design of Signal Traces For Highspeed Pcbs
- Dr.A.B.Gurulakshmi, Dr.N.Sureshkumar, Dr.S.Pavalarajan
A Comprehensive Review of Routing Protocols for Internet of Things
- Divya Sharma, Sanjay Jain, Reema Sharma
Performance Analysis of various adder circuits on 130 nm technology
- Richard Lincoln Paulraj, Sanjeev Sharma, M Dhivya
On the Review of Dehazing Methods for Bad Weather Images
- R. Suganya, Dr.R. Kanagavalli
Geochronological studies of Archaean metapelites from Eastern Dharwar Craton, Southern India
- Dr. N. Mahesha
Dynamic Reusability Prediction Model for SMEs Based on Realtime Constraints
- Dr. P. Mangayarkarasi, Dr. R. Selvarani
Design of single-ended and differential Ring oscillators in submicron dimensions
- Aravinda Koithyar, Sanjeev Sharma
Design and Implementation of 16-bit Adder using Carry Select and Carry Save Mode
- Ms.Monika Gupta, Dr. Sanjeev Sharma
Design and Analysis of QoS-aware Scheduling Schemes for IoT Applications
- Reema Sharma, M.Dhivya, Sanjeev Sharma
DCUIS: An Exhaustive Algorithm for Pre- Processing of Web Log File
- Sowmya H.K., Dr. R.J. Anandhi
Article on Soil Permeability Test and Its Impact on Dam Construction
- Dr.C.Giriprasad, Dr.P.S.Niranjan
Advanced Honey Bee Algorithm For Optimization of Voltage Stability In Ieee 14 Bus System Using Facts Devices
- Gunapriya B, Sudhapriya K, T. Rajesh, Lithesh.J
A Systematic Survey on Compressed Sensing: Signal Acquisition And Reconstruction Schemes And Applications
- Ishani Mishra , Dr.Sanjay Jain, Dr. Reema Sharma
A Survey on Cat Swarm Optimization
- Dr.M.Dhivya, Dr.Reema Sharma, Dr.Sanjeev Sharma, Mr.Richard Lincoln Paulraj
A Probabilistic technique to Data Transmission setback using Ant Colony Optimization
- Rajashri Y M, Dr. Piruthiviraj P, Y.C Abhay kumar