ICRMIT - Part 1

Title/Author Name

Functions Related To β* - Closed Sets in Topological Spaces
- P. Anbarasi Rodrigo , K.Rajendra Suba
A New Approach on Anti-L-Fuzzy Soft Subhemiring of a Hemiring
- N.Anitha, K.Geetha
Stability Analysis via Delta Operator Method
- G. Uma
Polya - Aeppli Reliability Model of a System
- G. Shyamala, S.Thilagarathinam, V.Saavithri
Compound COM-Poisson Distribution with Binomial Compounding Distribution
- V.Saavithri, J.Priyadharshini, Z. Parvin Banu
COM-Poisson Polya-Aeppli Distribution
- J.Priyadharshini, V.Saavithri, R. Seethalakshmi
COM-Poisson Neyman Type A Distribution and its Properties
- S.Thilagarathinam, V.Saavithri, R. Seethalakshmi
COM-Poisson Beta Distribution
- V.Saavithri, S.Thilagarathinam, P.Bavithra
On Fuzzy b # Closed sets
- Indhumathi.P, Jayanthi. D
Decomposition of δ-Semi Continuity via sg*-Continuity in Topological Spaces
- Geethagnanaselvi B, Sivakamasundari K
Edge-magic total labeling of some graphs
- S.Lakshmi, D.Sagayakavitha
On Nwg-Normal and Nwg-Regular spaces
- M.Bhuvaneswari, N.Nagaveni
On Quasi *a-Open Maps in Topological Spaces
- N. Balamani, A. Parvathi
Generalized Closed Sets in Neutrosophic Topological Spaces
- D. Jayanthi
Fuzzy Generalized Continuous Mappings
- Keerthana.R , Jayanthi.D
Operation Approaches on Open Sets
- Jayashree R, Sivakamasundari K
A Note on Fuzzy (Λ)-Closed Sets
- Vaishnavy V, Sivakamasundari K
Maximization of Technical Efficiency of a Normal-Truncated Skewed Laplace Stochastic Production Frontier Model
- S.Sangeethamani, Dr. L.Mary Louis
Unreliable Batch Arrival Retrial G-queue with Fluctuating Modes of Service, Preemptive Priority and Orbital Search
- K. Kirupa, Dr. K. Udaya Chandrika
ON (K1, K2) - G*Bω - CLOSED SETS IN BiC Ech Closure Spaces
- P. Priyadharsini, Dr. A. Parvathi
A Fuzzy Inventory Model Based on Different Defuzzification Techniques of Various Fuzzy Numbers
- B.Rama, G.Michael Rosario
Two Phase Service Repairable MX/G/1 Queueing Models with Finite Number of Immediate Feedbacks
- S.Sowmiya, Dr.M.I.Afthab Begum